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LE DUGUESCLIN Restaurant  Pizzeria (weekly open)


Aubenas- South Ardèche-France .


LEDUGUESCLIN Welcom to duguesclin site

Close to the castle , the Duguesclin has got a new look. (and it’s not just a way of speaking !)The first dinner room , wooden furnished , hot and friendly .And , of course , (for those who haven’t been here before ) , the great dinner one with an astonishing sight upon the Ardèche river valley and the mountains surrounding it. So ! as we use to say in France : »Why does one have to modify a good recipe as long as it is working ? « Now , let’s talk about food ! :Wood fire baked pizzas (72 options + small or « huge » ) up to your choice . Bases are : tomato ,cream , cream & tomato .« It will not be the  price that stops you , but your full stomach ! « All year long , you are allowed to appreciate the large choice of mixed salads ;BRUNO , ( the boss ) , first class pizzaiolo , is able to bake , chat and have a good drink with you ( this always in a good mood ) by explaining the ancient city of Aubenas history (and stories as well ) .His charming wife and sometimes his children , are giving a hand to make you feel comfortable .What about the staff ?The chef «  Kiki ( pastas , salads ,meats & specialities are prepared with only fresh products ) is e real gifty cook.Sandra , the head waitress , is considered  as the world’s most efficient one (at least by the guests ... )And ,of course , the regular customers ...  ( a crazy bunch of ones ! ! ! )are here to make you feel happy in le DUGUESCLIN .ANY WISH OR DESIRE for lunch or dinner ? Be sure that you will find the answer here in « LE DUGUESCLIN »

Aubenas- South Ardèche-Franc



Masterly baked  by Bruno Mazoyer   . In a  festive and smart  ambiance . Close to  Aubenas Castle , in an old  typical lane    of ancient city. Its staff is at your disposal to satisfy your wishes . This pizzeria and also restaurant is a must in Aubenas. You'll never forget your visit here.

Aubenas: Capital city  of south Ardèche . Touristic city   and also administrative center, commercial, industrial .

(France Rhone-Alpes area)



BRUNO welcomes you at noon

 and late in the evening

(closed) SUNDAY & MONDAY ( noon )

air-conditioned Room of restaurant and with a panoramic sight of the mounts of Ardeche and also with the sight of Aubenas into 07


by undeniable leader of the French virtual

We serve all the Wines of Ardeche, and other wines of  cotes du Rhône

Cabernet - Merlot - Syrah - Grenache

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