Benefits Of Contrasting A Kitchen Island Natural Stone Benchtop With Surrounding Counters

When designing custom kitchens, an island is a handy addition—as well as providing extra countertop and storage, it can house appliances and double as an entertainment hub. One question to consider is, should you install the same benchtop material across all kitchen areas, including the island? An alternate approach would be to cover the island with a beautiful natural stone that contrasts with the surrounding counters. Here are some advantages of doing the latter.

Creates An Ideal Focal Point

A focal point draws your eye as you enter a room. Having a dominant element creates a pleasing order—you know where to look and what the main show is without confusion. A kitchen island is central in a kitchen and will already grab attention because of its placement. Thus, it's an ideal component to further enhance and mould into an outstanding feature by covering it in beautiful natural stone colours and patterns. Choose from hues such as black, grey, pink, green, blue and fawn—some stone pieces are full of colourful streaks and veins, while others are soft and subdued.

Adds Visual Interest And Contrast

Kitchen design is about how all the elements work together and relate. Contrasting the island countertop with the surrounding benches adds visual interest and prevents monotony from taking hold. Try pairing harmonious but different materials and colours. You could, for instance, pick out one of the hues within the stone and install a laminate counter in that shade for the surrounding benches, distinguishing patterns and solid hues. Otherwise, you could contrast light with dark—put white against charcoal, for example, or pale grey beside black. 

Practical Benefits 

Reserving stone for the island will provide you with practical advantages, as well. You can rein in costs by keeping a stunning high-end stone for a limited area rather than the entire kitchen. This way, you'll enjoy the luxurious look without overrunning the budget. Additionally, some rocks, like marble, are relatively high-maintenance, so you'll only need to put in a touch of extra care for the island rather than for all the countertops. This approach will conserve your time for more fun things than maintenance. If you have a particular hobby, such as baking, you can do that to your heart's content on a cool, marble surface, which helps to prepare an excellent dough. Otherwise, a hardy granite surface will allow you to indulge your cooking passion without having to be overly cautious.

To learn more, contact a contractor who does custom kitchens.