Pavement Line Marking: Three Fundamental Guidelines for Paint Selection

If you are planning for line marking on your commercial pavements, consider using a professional contractor for the work. In general, pavement line marking requires technical knowledge, special skills and experience. Therefore, a professional will eliminate uncertainties and ensure that the work is conducted correctly. However, you can still choose in-house line marking if you have the right equipment and supplies. If you are interested in this approach, you should prioritise the selection of the perfect paint. Your choice will determine the appearance, performance and general longevity of the line marks. Here are some guidelines for choosing your pavement paint for line marking.

Consider Compatibility

When planning for pavement paint purchase, you should consider the type of construction material. If the surface and the chosen line marking paints are incompatible, significant performance problems could arise. For instance, the paint layer could delaminate or otherwise fail prematurely. Consequently, the costs of repair will be significant, and accidents and inconveniences could arise concerning pavement use. Therefore, when selecting the paint, inform the supplier about the specific construction material on your commercial property. Also, check the labels and review the details provided by the paint manufacturer.

Think about Durability 

The durability of pavement paint is crucial because line markings are intended to promote safety and order on commercial property. Therefore, you must address the issue of longevity with different types of paint. Keep in mind that you do not require the most durable formulation. For instance, temporary line markings are necessary for short-term projects such as construction work. When evaluating the service life, consider your specific circumstances. For example, if you need highly durable pavement paint, ensure that you have taken the usage conditions into account. A highly durable product is more favourable if the commercial property experiences heavy traffic and adverse weather conditions. For the best outcome, check the usage conditions recommended by the manufacturer.

Plan for Reflectivity

Pavement line markings need to be visible to ensure safety on your commercial property. If the markings are not legible, you might experience some trouble with traffic flow, ease of parking and provision of hazard information. Therefore, you should ensure that the pavement paint is prominent against your surfaces. Bright paint colours can ensure optimal visibility during the day and in lighted conditions. However, it is advisable to choose reflective pavement paint for improved safety in low-light conditions or inclement weather conditions. Finally, when choosing your line marking paint, consider the method of application. Make sure that your contractor has the equipment for delivering the chosen product.