Ways To Create A Luxury Feel In Your New Bathroom

A bathroom should not merely function as a utility space like a laundry, having its only purpose be to provide a place to wash and groom. A bathroom also needs to provide a calming and comfortable retreat in which to relax and refresh. Here are three ways to generate a spa-like atmosphere from your bathroom renovations.

Frameless Shower

To create a calm and relaxed ambience, avoid designing a room that feels cramped and cluttered, and instead focus on creating a sense of space. To achieve this, you might need to do some juggling to work out the best place and size for the various bathroom components. One easy and relatively stress-free way to make your bathroom look larger is to simply install a frameless glass shower. With minimal support braces and brackets, these glass structures tend to become invisible. Thus, the room will resemble one big, open space covered with beautiful tiled walls and floor (the next step) without the shower hijacking a vast region of the room.

Beautiful Tiling

To engender a feeling of soothing calm, you could try spreading earthy travertine stone tiles in pale hues such as fawns, pinks or tans around the room. Go with large-format tiles that will reduce the visual clutter caused by numerous grout lines crisscrossing the stone. If you choose grouting in a similar hue to the tiles, they'll look smooth and seamless, like one continuous surface. The organic, earthy tones of stone will help to evoke a sense of luxury, and they'll reflect light, helping to make the bathroom seem larger.

Statement Mirror Or Window

With such a smooth and minimal aesthetic, you can afford to incorporate statement elements without ruining the peaceful vibe in your new spa. One approach is to install a large mirror. You could, for example, include a large arched or curved mirror, which not only adds graceful lines into the decor but further increases the sense of space with its reflection. 

Alternatively, you might focus on a large window overhanging a bath or along a wall. Beautiful, colourful lead-lighting glass patterns will reflect rainbows of light into the bathroom. You could even install a large, transparent window on one of the shower walls that looks out onto a private outdoor area filled with greenery. This might be an entire garden, or you could construct a small, fenced outdoor space in which to plant lush foliage. This way, you can enjoy the experience of seeming to shower outdoors.

To learn more about your options, contact a bathroom renovation contractor.