What You Should Know About Road Line Marking

Can the contractors go ahead with a road line marking project when it is raining, or do you have to push back the project until after it stops pouring? Once applied, how long does it take for the line markings to dry? These are only a couple of the most frequently asked questions about line marking, and here is what you should know.

Dry Surface Pre-Marking

Road line marking cannot be applied while it's raining, or if the road surface is wet. If the road surface is anything but completely dry, the marking materials and paint will not bond to the surface, as the moisture will affect the adhesion.

As such, working through those rainy days just isn't practical. Allowing the road surface to dry naturally under the sun is one option, although this may take days in some cases. Your road line marking contractor can also use a thermic lance or gas torch to force drying.

If you require marking removal before applying the new markings, the same is possible using effective techniques such as hydroblasting. The wet blasted road surface must also dry first, be it naturally, or forcefully, as highlighted, before the line marking can begin.

Surface Drying Post-Marking

How long it will be before your line marking work is fully dried depends on the material used. Thermoplastic, for example, has one of the fastest drying capabilities, taking anywhere between 5-10 minutes to dry. Other line marking materials like paint will take longer, but this will also depend on the solvent used.

It is important that you wait until the material used has fully set and dried before anyone uses the marked roads. For thermoplastic and MMA cold plastic, you can look forward to putting your roads back in service within only a few minutes. Driving on the road too soon will only end up with the paint rubbing off on the tyres and disturbing the imprint, and you may have to re-do the marking. It is therefore important to section off the roads being marked and to put up signs to alert motorists and other road users of the ongoing work.

Professional contractors will ensure that they only apply the road line markings on dry road surfaces. As pointed out, this is to ensure that you get the best results. You can also get insights on expected dry times for the line marking material used for your project. Contact a company like Lockerit Linemarking to learn more.