Benefits of a Custom Kitchen

If you're planning a new kitchen, you may be deliberating whether to choose a flat pack or custom-designed cabinetry. Consider the following benefits of a custom kitchen.

Uses Room Area Efficiently

Custom-built cupboards make the best use of exact room proportions. For example, joinery experts can construct cabinets to reach the ceiling, regardless of its height. The integrated cabinetry will then feel like part of the room rather than moveable furniture that has been placed within. You can increase the cohesive feel by painting the cupboards and walls in the same hue, so the cabinets will seem to have existed from the building outset.

Allows for Customised Storage

Tailoring the cabinetry will maximise storage options. Not only will these cupboards use all corners and crannies efficiently, but you can fit storage that suits your lifestyle. For instance, install pullout drawers can allow you to reach to the back easily without straining and groping into a dark recess. If you enjoy cooking elaborate meals, you can include extra drawers for an extensive pot and pan collection. You can also build cupboards to house your specific kitchen appliances, like the microwave, toaster and blender.

Lets You Personalise the Design

Custom kitchens allow you to pick all aspects of the cabinetry. Choose between timber, veneer, laminate or other materials. Because the cupboards are fabricated for your kitchen, you can harmonise them with the countertop or flooring. You won't have to settle for almost-right options. If you combine navy and cream in the kitchen, and you can choose shades that resonate. This precision will add polish to the design.

You'll also have a vast range of door styles to consider, including flat and contoured profiles with handles to match. Make the kitchen unique by installing customised glass panelled doors using frosted or transparent glazing. For colourful accents, you could install stained glass within timber frames on selected fronts. You could pick centrally located upper cupboards for this decorative treatment, or alternating doors to prevent the design from overwhelming the kitchen.

Thus, designing custom cabinetry offers several benefits. Tailor-made cupboards will maximise the kitchen area and let you personalise the storage to fit your lifestyle. You can also create the cabinets precisely as you prefer by choosing materials and colours that flatter the overall kitchen design. You won't have to stick with standard hues and materials but can install perfectly harmonious shades or unique door styles.