A Guide On How To Choose Bricklayers

A bricklayer will help out with stonework as you build your commercial or residential building. Unlike other professionals, developers do not put much emphasis when hiring bricklayers. However, this should not be the case since bricklaying is a critical aspect of any project. Poor stonework will devalue the property since it makes it unattractive to potential buyers. In the article below, you will learn some considerations to make when hiring a bricklayer. 


There are two ways to assess the bricklayer's experience. First, you should examine if they have been involved in a similar project in the past. For example, say you have an upcoming multi-storey building. Obviously, you would want a bricklayer who has handled such works. Second, you should assess the bricklayer's specialisation. For instance, if you want unique stonework such as polygonal rubble masonry or ashlar rough masonry, hire a bricklayer experienced in such works. The same applies when you want to restore brickwork on a building with historical significance. The easiest way to evaluate the bricklayer's experience is by checking their portfolio and interviewing some of their clients. 

Site Safety Protocol

Safety is an essential component of any construction project. Accidents caused by oversights and negligence could bring down your incomplete structure and cause loss of lives. Therefore, it is vital to inquire about the safety measures that the bricklayer will observe at the site. For instance, all personnel should have PPE. Additionally, the bricklayer should use platforms that are in excellent condition. For instance, scaffolding should inspected after every shift. Besides, the bricklayer should use safety nets to prevent debris from falling onto other people's property. Finally, the bricklayer should have general liability insurance to protect you from compensation claims in case of an accident. 


Assess the finances of your bricklayer. As a rule of thumb, you should pick bricklayers that have good financing. They can provide quality services. If you intend to fund the project through bank finance, check whether the bricklayer is comfortable with the bank's payment schedules. 


Ask your bricklayer to send a quote once they assess the site and understand the project specifications. It may be difficult to tell whether the bricklayer's quote is within the market rates. As such, it would be wise to compare several quotes and use the cheapest quote to get a reasonable price from the bricklayer that offers the highest quality services. 

When hiring a bricklayer, examine their experience, site safety protocol, finances and pricing.